Bug #205

DVDPlayer ass/ssa issues

Added by guerreiro2 over 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:07/17/2012
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Target version:Future / Pending
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Once the subtitle appears, only goes away when another "person talks". If there's an action scene and a person talked before the subtitle remains until another "person" talks.

Note: The subtitles appear with a comma (,) before the first line.


#1 Updated by buzz over 3 years ago

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please could you upload me an example video to ftp://aero.exotica.org.uk/incoming - call it guerreiro.zip or so

I;ve made some libass changes yesterday based on some changes for xbmc mainline so id like to see if anything is improved. thanks.

#2 Updated by buzz over 3 years ago

What I mean is, please upload the actual video that has the problem as I see you uploaded a video of the video playing. If I have the source material, I can test it with changes I make to see if the subtitles get corrected. thanks.

#3 Updated by guerreiro2 about 3 years ago

Hello again,

Any news regarding the ass/ssa issues?

Kind regards

#4 Updated by buzz almost 3 years ago

nothing yet. There is a lot to do on the project and just one developer.

#5 Updated by Aliaric almost 3 years ago

Just wanted to say that I care about that bug too. If we could help something - tell. And buzz - you are doing great job. Thanks.

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