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Patch to implement initial support for .dds thumbnails and fanart

Added by galvanash over 13 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

Thumbnails / Covers / Posters
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This patch implements support in the Large Texture Manager to allow loading of DXT1 compressed DDS textures. It does not implement the code required to create them yet. This is an initial version primarily for review/discussion. I have never done a patch for xbmc4xbox so I don't know the routine/rules very well - let me know what I need to do to proceed further.


dds-support.patch (18.7 KB) dds-support.patch galvanash, 12/18/2010 09:35 PM
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Updated by arnova over 13 years ago

Nice work. The problem is that I can't properly comment on it, simply because I don't have any knowledge about DirectX stuff and such (never touched it). CC'ing Exobuzz, maybe he knows a bit more...

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Updated by galvanash over 13 years ago

I'm afaid I don't have much either, but I'm trying to learn. Can't say I picked this spot in the code for any other reason than it is where I landed the first time walking through the process of loading fanart in the code. It does have the benefit of being fairly non-invasive - it only really touches things the one place during CPicture:Load()...

The patch does work, but of course the trick is actually creating the dds files to load in the first place, and it omits that part. I have that built into a external utility for testing (you can get it from the thread I linked to on the forums). I am working on trying to get the dds creation to work within xbmc, but have not made much progress yet.

I figured if I could get this much in for now, it would at least let a few brave people use it with the external utility until the dds creation gets properly done in xbmc.

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Updated by galvanash over 13 years ago

Is this patch being considered for inclusion as is, or do you guys want to wait until dds creation is done? If there are no objections it would be helpful to get it in so that I no longer have to distribute a patched .xbe for those that want to test this using the offline utility.

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Updated by dropnuts over 13 years ago

As long as this patch doesn't negatively affect anything else in xbmc4xbox, I would personally like to see it implemented.

At the moment to be able to bug test it I'd have to get galvanash to build me a patched xbe, and with the current run of weather changes happening, it makes it difficult to keep up to date in that regard. (I haven't got a dedicated test xbox at the moment).

With the rest of the codebase currently being so stable, I really believe this is a great avenue to be taking. Anything that assists in reducing memory usage and speeding up loading times is where it's at for the old xbox.

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Updated by arnova over 13 years ago

Patch added in r30797. Cheers!

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Updated by buzz almost 12 years ago

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