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Won't copy files from DVD-RW ISO format

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This is sort of a dual bug really,

I am burning DVD-RW in ISO mode (standard settings on nero) and when trying to copy the files from the DVD drive to the xbox hard drive (which has plenty of free space) I get an error almost straight away, which is very weird as the exact same files copy fine using UnleashX, I can successfully copy every file from a full DVD-RW disc on UnleashX, but not even 1 file will copy on XBMC4XBOX

The draw back on UnleashX is though if a file is longer than 27 chars, it won't copy it, so that is why I would prefer to use XBMC4XBOX as it automatically limits the name for FATX, but for some reason it won't work

I am using Maxell DVD-RW. single sided 4.3gb, not the best I know, but they read fine through UnleashX

to get round the problem, I tried to burn the discs in UDF (with xbox compatibility mode ticked on) but for some strange reason, not all of the files I have added to the disc show up on XBMC4XBOX, same I put 7 600mb files, only 4 or 5 display as on the disc in XBMC4XBOX

I am blanking the DVD-RW first, and burning it with one single session, closing the disc with no multi-session, and with xbox compatibility mode ticked on

Thank you

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Where is the debug log.

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will post it later, haven't got my xbox with me

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Closing due to no debug log being provided.


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