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Add pysqlite2 lib

Added by whufclee about 10 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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Quite a few months ago the pysqlite2 script module was modified for xbmc4xbox. This is needed for a few addons but most notably the IceFilms plugin (probably the most popular plugin out there). Currently Addons4Xbox Installer installs any extra script modules that are needed for each addon as it gets the information from the addon.xml, however pysqlite is built-in to main branch so it has no idea it has to install this. If we could add this to the library this would solve a lot of noob issues with why they can't get IceFilms and other addons working.

Script Module can be found here

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Updated by buzz about 10 years ago

last time i tested, the pysqlite2 library didn't actually work, it was just solving a dependency. a better fix would be a fake library or change the calling scripts not to use it ? Unless you know it does actually work ?

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Updated by whufclee about 10 years ago

You could well be correct, I honestly don't know if it actually works - probably not. I think this is needed for the metadata option in icefilms which still doesn't work on xbox so you're most likely bang on the money there. The problem with changing the scripts so they don't call it is that we will end up having seperate xbox only branches of addons which causes lots of confusion and causes there to be a lot of different zip files available for each addon. This was a problem before for icefilms which resulted in lots of non-working zips floating around until I told everyone to only install via the official repo on addons4xbox installer. What do you mean by a fake library, do you mean add it to the plugin directory rather than xbmc4xbox? There are other addons that only work with this installed too so it would be nice to have something within xbmc4xbox faking it.

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Updated by buzz about 10 years ago

the best thing would be to get the changes to the plugins upstream. try/catch around module import and disabling features accordingly. if they dont want the changes, then not much we can do really.

by fake, I meant like some module that stops a script error, but doesnt actually do anything. however, for some addons this might cause more trouble, the first solution is best.

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Updated by buzz over 9 years ago

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Now we are using addons4xbox this ticket is no longer really relevant, so I'm closing.


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