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Replace SVN Repo Installer with Addons4Xbox Installer

Added by whufclee about 10 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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The Addons4Xbox Installer is currently the recommended way to install addons, however users have to install it before they can use it.

I have spent months testing all content available via the SVN Repo Installer and only iplayer is being maintained on the main repo. DanDar and t0mm0 keep their addons updated too on the xbmc4xbox-addons repo but t0mm0's are also available on his own repo via the new addons4xbox installer. Dan also has his own repo which is addons4xbox installer compatible.

The FEW that are still working via SVN Repo Installer (which haven't been superseded with newer main branch addons) I have added to my repo and edited so they can be installed with the new installer. Basically everything available that isn't broken is covered and is now available via the new installer, although if Dan wanted to keep his xbmc4xbox-addons repo he would have to modify it to the new layout.

I feel it's time to switch to Temhil's Addons4Xbox Installer method as users frequently get confused about why certain addons aren't working - usually because they are using outdated ones available on the SVN Repo Installer and not the newer main branch addons. We also have an Addon Compatibility List which is linked to at letting users know of any issues with main branch addons on xbox (ACL link at top of page).

The current Addons4Xbox Installer can be found here

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Updated by buzz about 10 years ago

Would you be happy maintaining this on svn if given access? Dan Dare has recently looked after this stuff, so it might be worth talking to him and asking if he wanted to change the scripts around. Also to check if arnova is happy with this switch

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Updated by whufclee about 10 years ago

Replying to [comment:1 exobuzz]:
I'd be more than happy to maintain this on svn although Dan is certainly more than welcome to continue looking after it if he wants! Could certainly use his expertise on a few modifications anyway, I'll get in touch.

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Updated by dandar3 about 10 years ago

Hey guys,

I'm not sure yet how I feel about "replacing" SVN Repo Installer - btw, the authors are Nuka1195 & BigBellyBilly, I only uploaded it in XBMC4Xbox so that is delivered with the release, for the same reason why adding Addons4Xbox Installer in there would be a good idea so people have it already installed with a build.

Myself I maintain my own plugins in xbmc4xbox-addons available through SVN Repo Installer, and I have a separate Google Code project for XBMC mainline addons - I keep them separate cause some settings make sense for XBMC4Xbox while not so much to XBMC, like allowing to choose the video player from the plugin settings. Also some people have complained that my XBMC mainline addons don't work properly when brought through Addons4Xbox Installer to Xbox, so like I said I'm not sure yet about removing SVN Repo Installer from the build.

I think we should maybe take it in stages, adding Addons4Xbox Installer to the XBMC4Xbox project would be a good start, and then see where it takes things - I know that some people might be confused by having the SVN Repo Installer in there as well, but I think it makes for a better transition as Addons4Xbox Installer will mature, SVN Repo Installer can be removed from the project.

As for contributions for Addons4Xbox Installer, if say Tehmill maintains it somewhere else and doesn't want to move it in just yet, I could keep the sources in sync and upload them from the original project into XBMC4Xbox, but other than that I probably wouldn't be the best person for it cause I barely used it once or twice, although maybe it's just me resisting the future :-)

- Dan

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Updated by buzz almost 9 years ago

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marking this as fixed, as we now ship with the addons4xbox installer. Dan: apologies if this has made your life harder, but it seemed the only viable solution (addons4xbox has also improved since this thread was made). Please let me know if you want me to add you to the addons4xbox google code site, if you wanted to add your plugins there, or perhaps an alternative would be to make your xbox stuff work as an addons repository ?

Please feel free to add any comments.

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Updated by buzz over 8 years ago

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