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XBMC.PlayMedia() built-in > video playback resuming even when configured not to

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Video playback (inc. audio in
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"Settings > Video > Playback > Resume from where last stopped" - Set to No, doesn't seem to work as intended. Yes and Ask works fine, but No will still resume a video from where it was stopped/resume point was created.


Builtins.cpp.variantA.patch (2.02 KB) Builtins.cpp.variantA.patch dandar3, 10/10/2016 10:21 PM
Builtins.cpp.variantB.patch (1.96 KB) Builtins.cpp.variantB.patch dandar3, 10/10/2016 10:21 PM



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  • Subject changed from Video file resume playback no setting doesn't work. to Video "Resume from where last stopped" = NO setting doesn't behave as expected

Updated by dandar3 about 3 years ago

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Updated by dandar3 almost 3 years ago

Finally I think we identified the problem in Builtins.cpp where askToResume is set to true by default (when not overridden through additional parameters), that makes later logic to call CGUIWindowVideoBase::OnResumeShowMenu() which sets the item resume flag to resume.

Attaching a fix to default askToResume to the correct default value based on whether the system setting videoplayer.resumeautomatically is set to RESUME_ASK as it should really.

Unfortunatelly the call to CGUIWindowVideoBase::OnResumeShowMenu() was also making it resume correctly when the system was configured to resume automatically(RESUME_YES), so I had to introduce a second variable to make that case work as expected.

That looked a bit harder to understand so I've also attached a second version that uses a single int variable instead of the two booleans. Please feel free to choose or change as you see fit.


Updated by dandar3 about 2 years ago

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